Jing Lesson (200x142).jpgJing is a free screencapture download that allows you to capture anything on your screen. You can link or embed the videos to your blog, or email the link to students. Absolutely anything on your desktop can be captured, so if you use it with a SMARTboard you can capture video and audio of working a math example. Jing gives you a maximum 5 minutes of capture time, and the videos are stored on Jing's server space. You get a certain amount of space with a free download; for more space, you can pay a subscription.

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Jing Tutorials

A Livescribe SMARTpen allows you to capture pen writing and audio. All your pages are saved and catalogued, and can be searched by keyword. This is truly an amazing concept! Its very portable so unlike screen capture software, you do not need a computer or SMARTboard with you. Like Jing, you can link or embed your "pencasts" which again are stored on the company's web space. Limitations are that you can only capture what you are writing, not web sites, logos, other images. The user interface is awesome though because students can click back and forth to the part of the pencast they want to view.

Screenr is a free online program that captures up to 5 minutes of whatever is happening on your desktop. Used with an IPEVO document camera, it can make effective lesson clips. These files are big, it is recommended that you keep the capture area small. Again, the server space is theirs, you can link, embed, or email captures.
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From an Ipad, Screenchomp
Knovio allows you to upload power point presentations, and record a video of yourself talking through the slides. Its a way for people to attend your workshops remotely

Here is my lame attempt at Knovio. Cut me some slack, it was my first time!

Check out this link for more advice!